A Quick ADHD Supplement Guide With Nutritional Tips

Here is a very brief ADHD supplement guide. It is not possible in an article of this length to cover all of the supplements that could be beneficial for the condition. The first step should be to provide an excellent nutritional foundation.

A lack of any essential nutrient in the diet will cause health problems and learning difficulties. In different studies, researchers have seen benefits when zinc, magnesium, L-tyrosine, L-glutamine, inositol and a variety of other nutrients are added to the diet. Is one better than another?

Single ingredient nutritional supplements are highly unlikely to provide the desired results unless the nutrient is missing from the person’s diet or their body has difficulty absorbing that nutrient. Well designed multi-nutritional supplements containing the most bioavailable form of the nutrients is the best choice.

Well-designed supplements do not contain artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, because those ingredients have been associated with an increased risk of attention deficit disorder. They are also believed to increase a person’s lifetime risk of cancer.

Once you remove the nutrients that would be included in a strong foundation formula, an ADHD supplement guide becomes much shorter. You are left with fish oil, homeopathic remedies to address hyperactivity, and herbs to help improve focus.

Fish oil provides essential fatty acids called DHA and EPA. Those nutrients are missing from the average modern diet; popular foods simply do not contain them. They are primarily found in fish and are believed to explain why fish has long been referred to as brain food.

Fish oil supplements vary in quality, purity and overall value. It is important to compare how the supplements are manufactured and how they are tested for purity. You should also look at the amount of DHA provided in each capsule. If only a small amount of DHA is provided, the supplements are not valuable at all.

Homeopathic remedies that would be found in an ADHD supplement guide include Arsen Iod, Verta Alb, Tuberculinum and Hyoscyamus. Those ingredients are listed as beneficial for attention deficit disorders with hyperactivity in the US Pharmacopeia of Homeopathic Ingredients.

Herbs that are beneficial for the condition include Gingko Biloba and Gotu Kola. Gingko biloba is known to improve circulation, learning ability and memory. It contains unique antioxidants not present in other plant foods. Antioxidants help to prevent and repair free radical damage, a cause of cellular aging and age-related mental health problems like Alzheimers.

Gotu Kola would be listed in an ADHD supplement guide for the same reasons. It is known to enhance memory and learning. Gotu kola and Gingko biloba are considered safe when prepared correctly; however, some herbal preparations may cause allergic reactions.

There are some multi-ingredient formulas that contain all of the homeopathic ingredients mentioned above. As is the case with nutritional formulas, multi-ingredient formulas seem to be more effective than single ingredient supplements. There are also a few remedies that contain both Gotu kola and Gingko biloba.

That completes this brief ADHD supplement guide. Hopefully, it provided the information that you needed to continue your research.

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